This is definitely a good summer beach read, and a great example of quality women’s fiction.

What I liked: the author did a great job of setting up the scene, so much so that I wanted to be there. The reader will instantly like Hallie and Ben from the start. The author tied in a lot of timeline events to explain Ben’s behavior. There were mixed feelings about this, and you have to start wondering if she feels the same… almost questioning whether or not he’s a match. This was done well.

What could be better: this book was predictable from the start, to a fault. You just knew that Ben loved Hallie more than just as friends. Because I’m sorry, but no guy friend is actually that caring and attentive in real life, without wanting more than just friendship. (If you find a guy like that please send him my way). The cliche ‘come see me to get your inheritance only to not have it be what you thought–money’ was used. I feel like this is getting tiresome in women’s fiction.

Overall, a good quick beach or summer read that I think most women’s fiction readers would enjoy.


A totally emotional, gripping page-turner from the bestselling author of The Summer House about the importance of family, re-discovering who you are, and the magic of finding true love under the summer sun. Perfect for fans of Mary Alice Monroe, Nancy Thayer and Susan Mallery.

Hallie Flynn’s favorite place in the world is her great Aunt Clara’s beautiful beachside house, with its inviting wraparound porch and enchanting views across the sparkling turquoise ocean. For Hallie, going to Firefly Beach, filled with magical memories, feels like coming home, but in one moment Hallie is left broken-hearted when her adored Aunt Clara passes away…

As always, Aunt Clara has thought of everything. In her last letter she included a bucket list Hallie wrote as a child, for Hallie to complete. Leaving her dead-end job and predictable schedule, Hallie returns to Firefly beach and embraces Aunt Clara’s words. All the time her childhood best friend Ben Murray, with his golden charm and infuriating ability to be right all the time, is by her side.

Spending the summer with Ben, as they enjoy drinks on the pier and endless talks stretched out in the soft sand, Hallie begins to remember the things that matter most to her. But following the bucket list isn’t an easy journey. It forces her to face the pain of her past as she starts to fall for the person who has been there for her all along…

Just as her heart is healing, an encounter with a newcomer to the beach town, wealthy and talented photographer Gavin Wilson, leaves her questioning her future and shows her she has to make a difficult decision that could mean losing everything.

Will Hallie be able to fulfill Aunt Clara’s last wish and change her life? Or will a secret she’s been keeping destroy her new beginning—and the chance to experience true love? 

Author Sonya Larson Plagiarized

Plagiarism is like a bell that once rung, it cannot be unheard. Author Sonya Larson rang that bell with glee, spite, hatred, and a sincerely

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