Welcome, lovely reader! I like to have a “start here” page on my site just to make it abundantly obvious on where to get started when visiting my site. After your first visit here, you don’t need to come back to this page. This is merely an orientation of what you can expect to find, what you’ll get, and how you can participate as part of my reading community!

Let’s get started:

  1. I have a freebies page with some neat downloads for you to enjoy that are book-related. You can check that out in your leisure.
  2. If you want even MORE fun, and even MORE free things, then you’ll want to sign up to get access to my VIP Reader Library, which is filled with exclusives for my reader fans to enjoy. Everything from printables and recipes from the books to book club night ideas, book reading challenges, and romantic bucket lists. You’ll find that here.
  3. Learn more about me on my About page, so we can get to know each other better! Learn about what I write, a little about my personal life, and any other cheeky skeletons in the closet I may have. (Or maybe that’s where I keep my characters that have been killed off – you’ll never know).
  4. Join in on the fun on some of my reader fan community boards, like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I interact with my fans and readers daily, getting to know you, what you like, and what you’d like to see more of! So don’t be shy. Drop a line and say hello (I’m a very friendly person).
  5. Finally, check out my books! You can learn more about what I write here and discover new books that you may be interested in. Some you may even start raving about to your friends! Who knows? Maybe soon enough we’ll be having a book club party at your house?! Call your friends! (But first, sign up for the VIP Reader Library because that will get you started.)

I’m excited for you to discover all my site has to offer. I hope you find it filled with love, that you find books that you adore and remember for years to come, and that you have fun reading!