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Bad Art Friend: Some Authors Just Never Learn About Copyrights & Image Use

Guys, I can’t even make this story up. This just hit the airwaves yesterday, October 22. A writer blogging about her take on plagiarism and copyright regarding the Bad Art Friend story lifted/copied (without giving credit or gaining permission first) images from another creator to use in her blog post on Substack. Why is this important? Because even after being called out, and ultimately switching out the photos to use her own, she still has not apologized to the creator, and had the audacity to post passive-aggressive tweets on Twitter regarding the incident. And that, my friend, is problematic. There’s been plenty of time to apologize, and still, nothing. (Someone confirmed that to me this evening, October 23). The Kidneygate Image Use / Copyright Story This story involves @kidneygate, a Twitter user who has done a fantastic job documenting and screenshotting various aspects of the court documents (all of which takes a great deal of time), and a non-fiction writer, Summer Brennan (see screenshots below for evidence). I don’t know @kidneygate’s true identity. It doesn’t matter – the anonymity of the @kidneygate user does not change the truth. What this person has done is spent a lot of time gathering

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Author Sonya Larson Plagiarized

Plagiarism is like a bell that once rung, it cannot be unheard. Author Sonya Larson rang that bell with glee, spite, hatred, and a sincerely

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