She’s a socialite and influencer from wealth and prestige, but has made her own way to the top.

He’s an airplane repo pilot, taking away the toys her father’s friends and her own clients can no longer afford.

High school sweethearts who thought they’d be together forever, but the tailwinds of life guided their career passions down different paths.

They both had everything in high school. Each other. They both have everything now. Except love.

Now, Astrid has flown back into Alex’s life, more gorgeous and successful than ever before. More grown up and established. What she doesn’t know is how his life has transformed as well, and how dangerous his business and risky has become as of late. They’re older now, more mature, but are they ready to make amends and repair up their differences from years ago? Or will their careers destroy any chance they have at a second chance?

This time, Alex is going to make Astrid his. No matter where the tailwinds take them.

This book can be read as a standalone book. Loving Astrid is Book 2 of the Hearts & Tailwinds series, which follows the introductory novella, Astrid and Alex.

Book Review for Loving Astrid

Let me just start out and say, I have been waiting for the final version of this book for a long time. I know Lorelei was thinking about the series as a whole, and didn’t publish it for a while, even though as it was written 6 months ago, would have been amazing, also. I had read an earlier copy, but now, today, I’m more excited than ever for this series.

Several Easter eggs were planted in this first book. I can foresee many future books in this series referencing both the first book and the upcoming introductory novella, too.

If you love steamy sex scenes, alpha women, and men who treat women with respect and admiration (without being an ass about it), but sometimes make dumb mistakes, then this is a book for you.

Astrid’s character is very much an alpha woman. Powerful, independent, and intentionally pushes aside any sort of dominating power over her career and relationship. Alex is a hard-working repossession recovery specialist, who takes away planes that Astrid’s kind of association (rich, famous, high-profile business people) fails to continue paying for.

There’s a reference of a problem between their two fathers from before the story begins, and I cannot wait to see how that plays out. And also, a reference to Alex’s mother. Astrid’s mother was mentioned only as a passing feature, so I’m curious to see where the author goes with that character.

I loved Giada. The wise woman who took Astrid under her wing, so to speak. Conor absolutely has no filter, and I’m hoping that Lorelei develops him more throughout the series. Caragh–I can’t tell if she’s a flirt or what exactly is going on between her and Conor. I think this will be developed more in future books. But Alex and Astrid are, in my opinion, a very hot couple.

You can tell they have genuine respect for each other, and this is one thing I love about books with characters who are written like this. It’s a wonderful, refreshing change from all the alpha male books that are absolute dicks to women.

Second chance romance are some of my favorite reads. This one did not disappoint. It’s a solid introspective look into the complications of ‘getting back together’. When one person in the relationship breaks the trust, or the loyalty, or just ups and moves on, there is that sense of abandonment, without notice. It’s frightening and scary, because they were capable of it once. What if they do it again? Just abandon the relationship, their love, at a moment’s notice, without looking back?

There is constant questioning, re-hashing of things that went wrong in the past, and the dialogue as good and not forced or cheesy. Believable. The characters are believable, too, and I learned quite a bit more about airplane repossession and what it takes for repo agents to get these huge assets back to the bank. So I appreciated this profession being introduced into the romance book world.

Overall, a 5-star! Very excited about the rest of the upcoming series. Get a copy on Amazon here.

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