Having a community of readers that enjoy romance is incredibly important to me. I put a great deal of effort into my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram as well as Pinterest to keep you inspired, motivated, reading (because reading is a wonderful, educational, relaxing thing), and focused on things that are important to you, my reader.

Being a part of a community is so much more than just social media. Lifelong friendships and pals are established. Common interests and passions bring people together. I encourage all of my fans, readers, and peers in my own writing community to take part whenever possible because together, we can add more love and light into the lives of people through the art of words.

So I invite you to take part in all of my community platforms. Here’s where you can find me and join in on the fun and discussion of all things related to romance, relationships, and reading:





In addition, I believe in giving back to my community, as well. For that reason, I have chosen specific charities to highlight as part of my author platform that will benefit directly from some of the sales of my books. So when you buy my books, you’ll know you’re supporting quality organizations focused on doing good things, as well.

These organizations are near and dear to my heart, and I will be mentioning some of my efforts to help them out occasionally on my feed. Thank you in advance for supporting both the romance community I long to build and bring together, as well as supporting others, as well.