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100% organic, social media-driven, bot free traffic. There are so many book bloggers out there selling space on their sites and inflating their numbers by buying bot traffic. I don’t do that with I was taught the right way to bring in traffic, and a lot of it comes from my boosted Facebook posts and Pinterest. I believe in transparency with analytics because I want my authors who choose to advertise on my site to have the relevant data so they can feel good about advertising here. gets over 2000 pageviews a day, and over 500 unique visitors and sessions per day. Steady traffic means my site is reliable! has a rapidly-growing Pinterest presence. I was taught by an expert on how to build traffic from Pinterest to attract a niche audience of book buyers and readers. Because I focus on curating my content to a specific niche, I’ve been able to convert onlookers into post readers, and then book buyers.

Variety of traffic around the world. Over 50% of traffic is generated within the United States. There is a healthy blend of diverse countries that make up the other 48%. 

Here’s another view of where my traffic comes from, if you’re more into graphs and charts and less number-y type data. 

These are the browsers being used by my visitors.

An audience that’s into lifestyle topics, books, media, and shopping. Look at all the foodies, shoppers, and lifestyle enthusiasts! I have really enjoyed converting traffic to my posts because I know that the audience I’m attracting is really into buying books. So I hope you’ll look at my advertising options and run an ad on my site! 

Low bounce rate. A low bounce rate is important because that means people are looking around the site more and not just arriving and leaving. So they’ll be more likely to see your ad, read my post about your book, and click through to buy. 

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