Book Marketing Assistant Services

Need a personal assistant to market your book? Services include part-time help with images, photography, social media, blog posts, and newsletter marketing.

Piper Houghes, Book Lover & Personal Assistant

I love books. I love working with authors, too. So anytime I get to read a new piece of literature or book to gain an understanding of what I’ll be marketing, I feel like I’m part of that author’s journey to give that book more life.

Social media and getting website traffic (hello clicks!) is something I’m great at! If you’re not great with creating images with calls to action, let me help! We all have our specialties, and this just happens to be mine.

Areas Of Expertise

I support a variety of different genres, and below are my primary areas of expertise. I’m happy to proofread, write newsletters, weekly blog posts, update your audience on what’s happening behind the scenes, and help you gather ideas of what to focus on next for your marketing campaign.

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Do you need help with your book marketing?

I’m here to help authors at all stages of their writing career with book marketing and content services as a virtual assistant.

Ideas and images for your book.
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